How to make a good mobile game video ad with Jamora Crawford, Voodoo ⎮ The App Marketing Snack #12


October 13, 2022

Wondering what’s the secret to a great video ad for your mobile game? Jamora Crawford, Marketing Artist at Voodoo, may have the answers! She’s sharing some tips with us and telling us about what she thinks will be the next big thing in app marketing. 

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My name is Jamora Crawford, I’m a Marketing Artist, and I work for Voodoo. Voodoo’s known for their hypercasual games, and also our creative innovation. 

What’s the secret to effective visual assets for a mobile game?

Surprisingly, to be the most simple. I find that the more complex you are, the harder it is to get people to click on your video ad. I think it’s important to make sure that people understand your ad in like 3 seconds or less.

What are your top 3 tips for the best mobile game trailer?

So the first one is to focus on one great visual aspect so maybe it’s like a really great game mechanic, maybe it’s like a really cool color scheme. I know that dark mode is really in right now, people are like trying to turn down the light on their phone. So just focusing on one element like that. 

Another thing I always say: check your video on your phone. You know, I love to look at my ads on my phone and I’m like “would I stop my scroll on my feed for my app or would I just, I wouldn’t even notice it?”.  So that’s a really good tip. 

And thirdly, don’t be afraid to try anything. Take a risk, do something viral, do a funny meme you know. Or like, if you have a shooter game change up the projectile try foods, you know, try funny animals. The sky’s the limit. 

How often do you need to update creatives?

So for Voodoo our best practice is to keep producing as many creatives as we can. And I think that’s really important because maybe our best performer’s gonna be our best performer for just a month. You know, you wanna keep reiterating. Great I found a best performer, time to reiterate, to make it better, see if you can increase the view and if not maybe it’s now time to move on to the next creative. So update as much as you can.

What’s your process when a video you worked on didn’t work as well as you hoped it would?

Actually that’s my favorite process, besides looking at the memes because you really know through your failure all your “learnings”, what is not working and thought that path you’ll know what will work. Like you’ve tried a crazy idea, you realize the colors are maybe too dark or like the subject is too complex. And then you take that and make a better creative so I really enjoy this process of like ok this one really sucks because I can’t understand what’s going on

What do you think are gonna be the app marketing trends for 2022?

The continuation of fake ads, I’m sorry to say I know that everyone complains about fake ads but I mean people don’t click on only gameplay ads, like true to game. At the same time I think this narrative trend, like Merge Mansion, Lily’s Garden and some other games. That’s really interesting and it’s tapping into some new interest that we haven’t had before so I would say focus on story-driven ads. 

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