Overcoming marketing challenges with Jessica Gotti, Paired ⎮ App Marketing Snack #23


January 12, 2023

Jessica Gotti, Lead Performance Marketer tells us about her favorite Performance Marketing and what it takes to promote a unique and new concept with Paired (and how a flirty emoji almost derailed everything!)

Below is the transcript of the interview above

Hi everyone, I’m Jessica, I’m Italian and I’m working as Performance Marketing Lead at Paired. Paired is a relationship app for couples whose goal is to help couples to stick, to improve their communication, and work on their day-to-day struggles but it can be used just for fun and just to play some games and quizzes with your better half.

What would be your top 3 tips for performance marketing?

First of all, have a great creative strategy, the creative is the first touchpoint for user onboarding, the first time users interact with and get to know your product, your service. It can be game-changing. 

The second one is about budget, it’s really important to keep more than half your budget on performing channels but keep and save a percentage for exploring new channels in order to diversify your media mix and keep updated with the evolution of the field. 

The third tip would be: rely on data. Data is your best friend. It’s really important that you measure and understand all your KPIs, all your matrix, it’s the only way you can make an informed decision.

What’s the most challenging part of marketing such a unique concept?

When you are promoting Paired you’re not only promoting Paired as a service but you’re also trying to build awareness around this new archetype. People are not yet aware that a service like this is available on the store and also I would say it’s tricky then to make people believe in such a product because for example couples are not so open to work on their relationship if nothing is going wrong. So for Paired, a big part of our games, quizzes and daily questions is about intimacy and it’s a quite tricky topic to promote, especially because we encounter various rejections from either the platforms as TikTok especially, Facebook but also by Apple as well. Once we were rejected because of one too flirty emoji. 

What’s your process when a campaign doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped? 

I have a 3 step process, so the first one is to understand where the problem is, at which point in the onboarding funnel we are failing. So I am analyzing the conversion rate of each single point then once I understand where we are failing I’m trying to understand why.

So first of all I need to exclude any external events, once we exclude any external factor I try to answer some of the main questions. Is it a problem of how we communicate? Is it a problem of audience? The target we are aiming for? A problem of optimization? The strategy we are using? Or it’s a problem with the channel feed? With respect to the product. 

And once I do this, once I have the reason I try to understand what should I do next, and what is the next step I need to take. So again, 3 steps: where, why, what.

What do you think will be the big marketing trends of 2023?

I would say influencer marketing, so collaborating with micro-influencers, and podcasts as well. And secondly, it would be to pay attention to potential alternatives to big tech. Alternatives to Facebook, to Twitter, as we’re already seeing. It’s being the first to test new platforms, it might be game-changing.

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