Figuring out the best keyword for your app with Elizabet K, Asodesk⎮The App Marketing Snack #15


October 13, 2022

For the newest episode of the App Marketing Snack we’re happy to host Elizabet K from Asodesk, she tells us the key to picking the best keywords and what you should and shouldn’t do when planning your ASO strategy.

Below is the transcript of the video above.

My name is Elizabet and I’m a Customer Success Lead at Asodesk and we are one solution to grow your app business.

What’s something everybody should know about ASO?

You need to have a strategy and you need to work with all channels and all the possible methods of promotion for your application. Because right now, in 2022 especially, a lot of mobile applications are already in the market and a lot of them are coming each day. Just remember to focus on your strategy, to understand what results are you expecting. 

What’s one ASO mistake you see a lot of people make?

You shouldn’t go on the market and think that you will do everything after. So I will release my application, I will see how it is and I will do something with it. But actually when you don’t have a strategy before and you just release the application you wouldn’t see anything so you just wouldn’t get any information which you can analyze and on which you can create the second iteration for example. 

When is the best time to start optimizing your app’s listing page?

Before the release, before publishing. Like for example if you understand all of your team telling you “ok guys you’re the marketing team, we will be ready to release the application in a month”, in a month is ok. You start the research of the market, popularity of the keywords. The market is changing but not so fast so in a month it’s ok. You’ll start doing the research about trends in screenshots, about icon, about what should be in your description, your short description if it’s Google Play for example, and you can understand the popularity of the keywords, it will be ok.

Do you have any advice for people getting started on localization?

So in localization I will advise to find a native speaker who is also aware of trends and peculiarities of the culture. Because for example I know Spanish, like maybe I can do localization for Spain. But actually not because even if I’ve started Spanish in university, I’ve lived in Barcelona but I don’t know what is going on there right now like what is the trend, how people search and so on. So find a native speaker, maybe your ASO specialist can create the semantic core, metadata but the person who will check before the release in the store should be a native speaker.

What’s the secret to choosing the perfect keyword?

Just do the research, go to the App Store or Google Play, just try to type anything to see what search results you’ve got, what search suggestions you’ve got for these keywords and you will find it. And also do the research about competitors, which competitors use it, maybe you can determine like 5 competitors with whom you will compete and you think that maybe you can compete with them and 5 with whom not and just divide your keywords. So on these keywords, these competitors are like unicorns I can’t compete with them, they’re using it so I won’t go for them and these keywords are using my competitors with whom I want to compete and I think I will buy them so that’s why I will use these keywords, just like that.

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