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American Cut opened in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood in 2013, paying homage to the city’s authentic, aspirational dining experience– The Steakhouse. With modern influences to both its cuisine and service, American Cut offers a unique and unexpected twist to classic dishes and cocktails, all while capturing the nostalgic glamour of yesteryear.

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American Cut combines bold flavors with distinctive style to create an unparalleled take on American classics, like our house-favorite Chili Lobster and famous Pastrami Ribeye. A mix of tableside preparations, such as our 40 oz. Tomahawk Chop flambé and Smoked Old Fashioneds, create an interactive and unforgettable dining experience.

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Under the creative vision of Founder and President John Meadow, American Cut’s talented team, committed to culinary integrity and excellence in service, work to deliver unforgettable experiences time and time again. Together, our team channels La Dolce Vita, “The Good Life,” through their passion for authentic and unparalleled hospitality.

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John Meadow is founder and president of LDV Hospitality, a boutique group founded on his dream of bringing “La Dolce Vita,” to everyday life.

Leading concept and business development, Meadow drives the creative process for the company.  He envisions each new restaurant, bringing it to life, while forging partnerships with hotel developers for bespoke food and beverage experiences.

Meadow launched LDV in 2008 with its critically acclaimed flagship restaurant Scarpetta, followed by signature brands American Cut and Dolce Italian.

Prior to starting the company, Meadow served as manager of the Plaza Hotel’s Oak Room, followed by Beverage Director of the hotel. Meadow is a graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and remains very active in the alumni network. He is a member of the NYC Food Service Industry Partnership Advisory Council, and a director of the Board for the NYC Hospitality Alliance, which awarded him the “Next Generation” Award in 2016. 

Meadow currently lives in New York City with his wife Karin and their two daughters.

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