​Why ASO should be part of a broader marketing strategy with Giulia Pianelli⎮ App Marketing Snack #21


November 17, 2022

Giulia Pianelli is a Mobile Marketing Consultant with years of experience in the app industry. For The App Marketing Snack’s 21st episode, she shares her vision of ASO and how it fits into a marketing strategy. 

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Hello everyone, my name is Giulia Pianelli and I’m a mobile marketing professional from Italy. I’m currently working as an App Marketing Consultant for REPLUG which is a mobile marketing agency based in Berlin.

What’s the one thing everybody should know about ASO?

This might disappoint someone but it’s one thing that everyone should know about ASO, it’s that ASO alone doesn’t make miracles. What I mean is that things have evolved quite a lot over the past 3-4 years especially also with the pandemic and most mobile marketers are now familiar with ASO techniques much more than they were in the past at least. And that’s why ASO should be not considered as something alone on the side but it should be part of a holistic marketing strategy I think, along with paid UA, CRM, and also product growth. 

Which one should come first: ASO or UA?

I would recommend getting started with ASO first because, you know, an optimized store page could also help drive more conversions also with paid campaigns. If your app store page is not optimized, maybe you can not get as many conversions as you could if you had optimized it in the first place. I think that before starting with any of the marketing activities I think that it’s very important for app developers to focus on their product. Because if the product is not amazing then all the marketing strategy could be in vain

What are your top 3 tips for ASO practitioners? 

The top 3 things should be in my opinion: first of all never stop learning because ASO and mobile marketing, in general, is a discipline that’s constantly evolving so there are new things, new features, and new product launches coming up on a monthly basis I would say.

And the second tip is: make a lot of tests. Because the biggest difference between ASO and paid UA is that ASO is often non-quantifiable, at least not as much as paid UA. So it might take a while to really find out what’s driving better conversions and the only way of finding out this is through making tests, both for visual metadata and textual metadata.

And the third tip is: just know your product. Study it very much because ASO is, at the end of the day, working on the first image of the app. The first image of the app that users can look at, it’s like a window on the app for users so it’s very important that the metadata of an app really reflects what the app is about. 

What’s an ASO mistake everyone should avoid making?

In terms of the more practical approach to ASO, I would recommend avoiding using to many marketing slogans in the visual metadata because that might be perceived as a little bit fake from users, and also it might be subject to rejection from both Apple and now also Google Play is becoming a little bit harsher on rejections. 

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