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October 13, 2022

Karyna Mykytiuk, Creative Marketing Producer for Colossi Games teaches us how she works and what are her secrets for marketing the game Gladiators: Survival in Rome. 

Below is a written version of the interview.

My name is Karyna Mykytiuk, I’m the Creative Marketing Producer for Colossi Games. I create all marketing visuals for the game called Gladiators: Survival in Rome.

What makes a good Creative Marketing Producer?

Multitasking is very very important because being a marketing producer is not only to search for ideas and analyzing the results of campaigns. Sometimes you’re a videographer, the next day an editor, a graphic designer, social media manager all in one. And working for mobile marketing, it’s not just making something beautiful, it’s creating something that actually makes people download and play. 

What’s your process like?

Usually we start by analyzing results for the last campaign with the team so with our Marketing Designer and our guy doing UA, and also our CEO who participates in marketing and the creative process from time to time. And then I dive into the creation process with our Marketing Designer, or we create tasks for the agency. Most of the content we create inside the team and not only draw or make banners, but we create videos as well. We use the Unity Cinemachine engine.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I stay inspired very easily because I have a very huge passion in what I am doing. Unlike working on the product directly – in marketing you see the quality of your work almost immediately – good or not, good results inspired me very much to create something better. I am a good designer, but not an artist, so I don’t need additional inspiration to have the ability to work. My results are my inspiration.

A Marketing Producer should be very very curious about everything so it’s very important to go beyond games. Go to museums to find something concerning your theme or idea. Or sometimes you just need time to do nothing, then you just relax, you become bored and some ideas start to…

What are the most effective types of marketing content for mobile games?

Unlike working on the product directly, in marketing you see the product of your work almost immediately. I would say that it’s a combination of static video and, if it’s possible, playable ads. All visual marketing works only in combination. For Google Ads we use a lot of static images, for TikTok we are making UGC content, for Facebook we are doing gameplay videos because it works better.

ASO or UA?

ASO and UA work only in combination. So the requirements for two fields are different, but you always have in mind that paid creatives will work so much worse without well-made store visuals.

What are your favorite tips to make the best marketing visuals for mobile games?

Remember that different people play for different reasons. And try to find the player’s motivation that works. After finding at least one successful motivation, you will successfully promote a full pack of creatives. Use good enough rules until you know for sure that this idea is performing. Beautiful doesn’t mean successful.

What’s a mistake you see a lot of people make?

A lot of people try to fully copy their competitors because they see their store and think “this game is very successful so it will work” You never know why the game uses this or that asset and how it performs and if their success is because of good store visuals or because of the huge amount of money that they paid for that.

What was your best achievement?

My best achievement is building the visuals during half a year that gave us 2 millions downloads organically. Now I’m challenging myself to improve our store page even more because we want to make the store rank of our page higher in the survival theme.

What do you think will be the future of mobile game marketing?

In just one day, the average mobile user is exposed to dozens or even hundreds of ads. Something that may catch their attention is ads that really speak to them so I think it’s user-centric type of marketing. Personalization will be more important than ever. 

You can find Gladiators: Survival in Rome, the game Karyna works on, on the Play Store and the App Store

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