Why you should localize your ASO strategy with Nika Grigoreva, Ada Health ⎮ App Marketing Snack #14


October 13, 2022

For the latest episode of the App Marketing Snack we’re joined by Nika Grigoreva, Senior performance marketing manager for Ada Health. She tells us her secret for a successful ASO campaign and why localization is so important. Tune in to find out!

Below is the transcript of the interview.

I’m working for Ada Health, it’s a Berlin-based company, a medical app which helps you check your symptoms and understand your health. 

What’s the secret to a good ASO strategy?

For me it’s research, you need to research what is in the market because sometimes people think that there is a nice app name or we need to describe the app this way. But then you do research and you understand that people don’t search this or it’s like, it’s not an existing niche. So you need to think more about brand awareness. Research is the first and main step for a successful App Store Optimization strategy. 

In addition to research, what are the most important steps in an ASO strategy?

It’s localization and adaptation for every market. So it’s not enough to make a keyword list, you need to create meaningful data for your app and you need to take into account that people in different countries search for different things and they think differently about things, like what they want to search in stores. Now it’s most important to also work on your creative assets because we have many tools we can A/B test, even in the App Store we can A/B test now, so we can create specific assets for every country and we can A/B test. So it’s research, localization and creative approach for every country.

What makes a good localization strategy?

Before I joined the company I worked for a dating app I started to research how people are searching for partners in every country. There’s like very many nuances between make friends, meet friends, meet new people and in every language you have a different meaning to these things. So first you need to understand what your competitors do in this work, what people search and how not to translate but localize. Sometimes you just need to avoid this translation and you need to adapt, maybe it will be a different wording. It’s important because in the end your goal as a marketer and App Store Optimization manager is to reach your audience. 

What are the specificities of doing ASO for a health app?

In health, in the general industry, you need to avoid misleading messages because people are searching for health and they search for help, like they’ll sometimes need a doctor or they need to check something, they have anxiety symptoms or they want to track their symptoms. It’s important to have a clear message about what your app is doing and not to mislead people because it’s your goal not to scare people. So you need to understand carefully which words you use for promotion because  it’s about safety, it’s clearly explaining what the app is doing.

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