ASO tips you need to know with Artiom Tzaczuk, ASO Specialist for Onde ⎮ The App Marketing Snack #17


October 13, 2022

Artiom Tzaczuk shares his experience as an ASO Specialist, including his top 3 tips to make the best ASO strategy you can and what’s the secret to picking the best keywords for your app.

Below is the transcript of the interview

My name is Artiom Tkaczuk, I’m an ASO manager at Onde company. We’re creating a system for ride-hailing, taxi companies all over the world. I’ve been working for Onde for almost 7 years. 

What’s one thing everybody should know about ASO?

For me, ASO is something about making your application understandable and visible to a potential audience. So it seems obvious but still many underestimate the importance of this factor. So we strive to make the apps appear by as many as possible relevant search terms to our users, and to make our product clear and understandable to the people who will see the description and all the metadata of our product. 

What’s the secret to choosing the best keywords?

I would say all the people think ASO, firstly and foremost, is about keywords but I would say when you start doing ASO you don’t think about keywords at all. First of all you need to clearly understand your product, its features, its advantages and disadvantages in comparing to competitors’ products, etc. 

So based on this understanding we would be able to make the next step such as to find the proper keywords, to segment keywords, to understand the relevance of those keywords to our product, etc. So first is a clear understanding of the market, the application is functional, and then choosing the right keywords for your exact product.

Can you share with us your top 3 tips for a great ASO strategy?

I would start from the basics because sometimes people, especially young ASO managers, they concentrate on keywords too much so I would say, first of all, we should clearly understand our audience then we should have a list with the clearly detailed advantages and disadvantages of our product in comparison to our competitors. All this will help us to make a proper semantic core, assemblance, choosing the right keywords, making the right iteration, etc. 

And the last I would say: to be consistent. To get all the needed analytics and data before making conclusions. 

Can you tell us about one app whose ASO strategy impressed you?

I won’t point out one special app but maybe I would say that the different fitness applications always impress me. Because the market is growing so fast especially in the covid time when talking about in-house trainings. There are so many different applications and the number of those applications is growing and they’re finding different niches inside this big and growing fitness market. 

When I lack new ideas, I go to fitness applications, I scroll through the updates and in the absolute majority of the cases I find something new in what they do and I think “ok this might be applicable for our application as well”.

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