Making UA creatives for a photo editing app with Alessandro Rizzo, PhotoRoom ⎮ The App Marketing Snack #24


February 2, 2023

Alessandro Rizzo is in charge of growth and acquisition for PhotoRoom, a successful photo-editing app. He shares his experience with User Acquisition, and what are the specificities of doing UA for a photo app. 

Below is the transcript of the video above.

I’m Alessandro, I’m 27 and I live in Italy. And now I work at PhotoRoom which is, I would say, a graphic design, photo editing software which lets people that maybe don’t have experience or time in the editing field create great images with a process that is very intuitive and quite fast. 

What’s the first step you take when launching a UA strategy?

It depends on what the goal is, if I just want profitability then probably I just look at metrics I have, if I have any, and try to understand “ok this is how people behave, this is how much they’re willing to pay for the product” so I will try to create a strategy, a campaign, creatives that will aim to hit those targets. Possibly understanding, if we have data, who is doing those purchases. 

Instead if I want to just be known and bring the product on top of charts, then probably I’ll care less about optimizing profitability. I’ll just want to be seen everywhere so I will take a completely different strategy, maybe different channels as well. 

Are there some specificities when promoting a photo app like PhotoRoom?

You’re sponsoring a photo editing app with photos and videos so it’s kind of meta, you have a lot of possibilities there, you can create your own ads with the product you’re sponsoring so it’s a very funny situation and I’ve seen quite a few people actually few companies do that and I think it works very well because it literally shows off what the product can do. 

In general I think there’s at least a couple of types of people, so one is like professionals, who use it for work. Maybe they’re influencers, maybe they’re just editors. And the other segment is some people using it for fun, for friends and family, and I think they behave very differently. I guess there’s understanding this concept of different audiences strongly different audiences and adapting. 

What do you think are gonna be the next big app marketing trends?

I think that it’s already happening, it’s going towards something especially on the creative side, very organic or very honest which is a bit of a contrast with what was the standards before. Like very shiny, a bit fake advertisements. I think it’s been happening for a few years now, I was noticing the other day I think every single ad is made organic now and it’s something I really enjoy, not because I enjoy organic content per se but just because I think it’s more true and I think it’s very interesting, it’s also more diverse because you have more creators. 

And another thing I’m curious to see is how SKAN 4.0 actually changes the market. I don’t know if it’s gonna be visible in the sense of creatives or if it’s just gonna be optimisation of targeting but I’m curious to see that.

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