How to start an influencer campaign for your mobile game with Marion Balinoff⎮App Marketing Snack #18


October 13, 2022

In this latest App Marketing Snack episode, Marion Balinoff, Influencer Marketing Consultant tells us her secret about what makes a great influencer campaign and how you can get started, and use it to promote your mobile game! 

Below is the transcript of the interview above. 

I’m Marion, I’m French, I’ve been working in influencer marketing for the past 7 years now and basically running influencer marketing campaigns, performance campaigns, towards ROI goals for different kinds of apps and mostly gaming apps. 

Can you share your top 3 tips for a good influencer marketing campaign?

I think the first one is: always negotiate prices. Influencer prices are increasing on a monthly and yearly basis. ​​It is getting really, really expensive especially because of brands that are doing branding. So because they’re doing branding they don’t measure performance as we do in performance marketing and because they don’t,they don’t need to get to profitability and so in the end they don’t really care how much they spend so that increases the prices. 

So negotiate prices, then I’d say always the influencer to disclose the partnership, this is legally required in many countries. And don’t work with those kind of “branding influencer marketing” agencies because they don’t know your KPIs, they don’t understand what you’re trying to achieve, they don’t know how the influencer performs, they just know how many views they get, how many likes they have and that’s not what you’re after so surround yourself with the right partners and especially don’t work with those kind of branding agencies. 

What’s your first step when starting an influencer campaign?

The first step is for me to understand who’s the target audience. It is gonna be the base because this is gonna define which influencers we work with, on which platform and how much we’re gonna have to pay those influencers because the price of the influencer’s gonna depend on if you’re trying to target female audiences, older audiences, male audiences, whether you want to target them on Twitch, on YouTube, on Instagram for example, and depending obviously on the country. 

So the first step for me is really to understand which countries are we targeting, which type of audiences in terms of gender and which age range.

What’s a mistake you often see people make?

There’s one thing that always happens, it’s people always selecting influencers based on their content and assuming what the audience is. For example, you launch a campaign in Spain, you have a Spanish speaking influencer, it’s great, so you’re expecting performance and installs in Spain but in the end you get no installs. 

And you get no installs because the audience of that influencer is actually in Latin America, it’s in Mexico, it’s in Argentina, Chile. But because you only relied on what you thought the audience was then you don’t get to the results that you wanted so it’s really important to pay attention to the audience of that influencer, in terms obviously of age and gender but also location.

Is there a difference between doing an influencer campaign for an app or for a mobile game?

I don’t think there’s any difference in defining the strategy. The only minor difference is about how do you calculate the LTV of your users, if it’s a subscription based app or if it’s in-app purchases but as long as you know how much your users are spending then you can estimate how much traffic you need to bring to get to the ROI that you want to reach so in the strategy it’s very similar and you can apply one to the other.  

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